‘Re-living the Moment’, a solo exhibition of drawings  and videos,

Lanchester Research Gallery, Coventry, 2018.


 Selected pastel drawings 2012 – 2018 derived from Promenade and other performance work.




In 2016 I made a series of painted panels developed from movement improvisations by Russian dancer Alina Mikhailova. They are painted in Acrylic on boards mounted slightly apart on the wall. All the images span between at least two boards – a device I took from my sketch book, where I sometimes spread a single drawing across two pages. In the case of these panels, it seemed to make the figure more dynamic and the rectangular shape of the boards less confining. I was interested in evoking a kinaesthetic sense of the body and showing the body in interaction with its environment, in this case, mainly fields of colour and a suggestion of the edges of a room.

Painted panels - acrylic on board.

2002, Conversations Between Art and Dance


Over a 6 year period, starting in 2012, I produced a series of pastel (and occasional charcoal) drawings derived from my collaborative performance practice. My intention was to go back over past performances via video recordings and to scrutinise the work moment-by-moment  – looking carefully and slowly, as is possible in the act of drawing. I was interested in the minutia of frozen moments, chosen from the flow of the many thousands of such moments that occur in the course of a performance event. I also wanted to create something permanent out of performances that are necessarily transitory – something new that would stand in its own right. As part of that process, I was interested in the translation from moving to still image and the way the stillness of a drawing introduces new possibilities of meaning that were not there in the original source. Of course, video itself is not a transparent or neutral medium. The particular characteristics of video – its capacity to stop, start and replay events, its virtual and disembodied quality, its chosen viewpoint and framing, its flatness, its particular colour range – all became subject matter for drawing. I chose to work mainly in pastel on paper, wanting colour but also a dry medium and the direct physical contact with a surface that drawing could offer.

In 2018 a collection of my drawings from Promenade were shown in a solo exhibition at the Lanchester Research Gallery in Coventry. The exhibition entitled ‘Re-living the Moment’, included thirty pastel drawings, along with edited video documentation of some of the performances themselves.



2018 Reliving the Moment. Solo Exhibition of pastel drawings and videos from Promenade: Lanchester Research Gallery, Coventry

2004/5 Contributions to group exhibition – a sequence of interventions and responses from 6 artists curated by Alan Boldon. Dartington Gallery, Devon.

2004 From Plants to Imaginary Monuments. Drawings together with , wire and metal sculptures.

2002 Conversations Between Art and Dance, derived from dance and mixed media work with Eva Karczag, Dartington Gallery, Devon

1995/6 Play sculptures carved in wood and stone at Woodside Family Centre Bristol (centre for partially sighted children).

1983 Installation with Figures. derived from performance work with Mary O’Donnel Fukerson, Dartington Gallery

1981 Journey Through Here, work for slides, words and music in collaboration with John Hall and Jim Fulkerson, Dartington Ship Studio.

1981 Angelus Requiem - Work for choir, speaker and slides, in collaboration with Gordon Jones, and Peter Hulton. Shown again at Dartington in 1991 and at Aberdeen Arts Centre in 1993.